Fully Managed Support

Managed Support & Services To Make Your Life Easier. Focus on what you love and leave the management to us!

Managed Support & Services To Make Your Life Easier

We know that in today’s world 24/7 support isn’t enough. Your business needs a hosting partner to rely on for all its support needs. Our managed support will be an extension of your operation to monitor, manage and maintain all aspects of your hosting services so you can focus on growing your business.

Whether you are a beginner to hosting your own website or an experienced server administrator with limited time to manage your server yourself, we’ll provide full support and management for your service. We want you to know what is covered in our managed support and all the ways we support you. This information is outlined here with all the tasks we carry out and everything we take care of in your managed hosting service.

US Based Support Staff

Pro-Active Monitoring

Highly-Trained Technicians

24/7 Ticket & Chat Support

Setup And Configuration


We start by analyzing your requirements and setup your service based on this information. This allows our technicians to configure your server with the best possible performance, security and reliability in mind. The proper planning of your server deployment is important to avoid issues later on and maximize your website’s potential.




We then either setup the sever with your required software to run your websites and applications or compare to your previous server’s software, packages and dependencies to ensure your everything will perform fine on your new server.

Migrate & Test

Once we are done properly setting up your service we will begin working on migrating all your sites or applications, change all DNS zones and name servers accordingly, check to ensure your sites are loading properly from a temporary url and then give you the OK to change your DNS to this new server.



Analyze & Tweak

When all sites are confirmed to be loading properly from your new server, we will then analyze all traffic and resource usage of your sites and applications to tweak your server’s configurations for best performance.


Managing your newly setup service is a never-ending task which is why we setup pro-active monitoring of all services, performance, IP reputation and even proper website display alerts. Should an issue arise or we notice an abnormality, our technicians will immediately log in, resolve the issue and notify you.


The rackMAX Difference

In today’s complex IT world, let us be the ones to make it simplified. We’ll be the ones you can turn to and know that you’re in good hands. We’ll be the same people who configured your hosting infrastructure to give you maximum performance and opportunity for growth. And we’ll be the ones who stay late to help you solve a unique problem because finding a solution is just as important to us as it is to you.

Free migration services from any server, with or without a control panel.

We have no ticket or time limits, we’ll work on your issues until you are satisfied.

Quick 10-minute response times by our experienced and certified technicians.

24/7 pro-active monitoring of your server, we’ll respond and fix any issues that arise.

Installation of any third-party scripts, add-ons or software on a best effort basis.

Regular optimizations and audits to help improve performance of your server and websites.

Installation of our own rackMAX Security (see below) suite of hardening tools and software to completely secure your server.

Management of advanced server solutions, from specialized and highly-trained technicians.

Free Features

Unlimited Support 24x7x365

Zero Setup Fees

Free Data Migration

Free OS Reinstalls

Premium Bandwidth

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Managed Support

DDoS Protection

Custom Dedicated Solutions

GUI Based Control Panels

Not a master of the command line interface?
That’s okay because we offer the best control panels out on the market.
These tools will allow for you to easily manage and monitor your dedicated server.

Maintenance & Security

The key to a well-managed and secure server is the continual update of software from security vulnerabilities and general maintenance to keep it performing optimally. A lot of this ties into the pro-active monitoring that we do to that keeps us informed of the health of your server. Other than continual monitoring of your websites and server’s services, we regularly will update your kernel upon confirmation from you and keep all your packages and software updated daily from security vulnerabilities and bugs.


Not exactly sure what server you need?

Get in touch with one of our server experts who can help you determine what solution will work best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Our Support Management

No problem, our server specialists are more than happy to help get you set up on something that fits your needs! Please contact our sales department and we can custom tailor a server configuration that suits your needs and budget.

Any server ordered with a cPanel license is fully managed. Any servers ordered without cPanel are self-managed. 24×7 Reactive Server Management by rackmax.com is available for an additional cost and can be added to any server.

rackMAX includes 3Gbps of Detect & Mitigate DDoS Protection with these dedicated servers, ensuring your server remains online and uninterrupted in the event of an attack under this size.

Enterprise Grade Components