Server Management

Let us manage your Rackmax servers, freeing up your technical staff. Server-managed services include OS updates and patches, server security hardening and monitoring, proactive service monitoring, and more.

Managed Support & Services To Make Your Life Easier

We know that in today’s world 24/7 support isn’t enough. Your business needs a hosting partner to rely on for all its support needs. Our managed support services team can be an extension of your operation to monitor, manage and maintain all aspects of your hosting services so you can focus on growing your business.

Pro-Active Monitoring

Highly-Trained Technicians

24/7 Ticket & Chat Support

Free migration services from any server, with or without a control panel.

We have no ticket or time limits, we’ll work on your issues until you are satisfied.

Regular optimizations and audits to help improve performance of your server and websites.

Setup And Configuration


We start by analyzing your requirements and setting up your service based on this information. This allows our engineers to configure your server with the best possible performance, security, and reliability in mind. Properly planning your server deployment is essential to avoid issues later on and maximize your website’s potential.




We then either setup the sever with your required software to run your websites and applications or compare to your previous server’s software, packages and dependencies to ensure your everything will perform fine on your new server.

Migrate & Test

Once we are done properly setting up your service, we will begin working on migrating all your sites or applications, change all DNS zones and name servers accordingly, check to ensure your sites are loading correctly from a temporary URL, and then give you the OK to change your DNS to this new server.



Analyze & Tweak

When all sites are confirmed to be loading properly from your new server, we will then analyze all traffic and resource usage of your sites and applications to tweak your server’s configurations for best performance.


Managing your newly set-up service is a never-ending task, so we proactively monitor all services, performance, and even IP reputation. Should an issue arise or we notice an abnormality, our technicians will immediately log in, resolve the issue and notify you.







24/7 Chat & Ticket Supportcheckcheckcheck
Network & Hardware SLAcheckcheckcheck
Hardware Diagnostics & Replacementcheckcheckcheck
Manual OS Reloads (2 per month)checkcheckcheck
24x7x365 (5 minute interval) Server Monitoring with Rebootcheckcheck

Initial Server Setup:
We can either set up your server with the required software to run your websites and applications or compare it to your previous server’s software, packages, and dependencies to ensure everything will perform fine on your new server.

Once we have completed setting up your server, we will begin working on migrating all your sites or applications free of charge if you so choose, change all DNS zones and name servers accordingly, and check to ensure your sites are loading correctly from a temporary URL and then give you the OK to change your DNS.

Server Migration

If you are moving accounts from one server to another, we will migrate them for you from the old server to the new server. You must have root access and cPanel running on both the old server as well as the new server.


Recommended Monthly Server Tasks
- Malware/Virus scan - we can scan your server for malicious files and viruses and quarantine or remove them for you.

- CHKRootKit - a simple program that detects hacker software and notifies you if any has been detected via email.

- RootKit Hunter - scanning tool to ensure your system does not have any backdoors or exploits.

- Securing and Upgrading of SSH Server - increases security during ssh connections.

- CSF Firewall - most commonly used policy based iptables firewall.

- LFD login failure detection - protects against brute force login attacks.

- Brute Force Detection - notifies you of numerous login authentication failures and automatically blocks the attackers ip in the firewall.

- AntiSpam detection and prevention - software to help prevent incoming and outgoing spam from the server.

- Log Analysis Software Installation - Emails are dispatched daily, the amount of detail in the emails can be changed on request.

- System Integrity Monitor - 24x7 Internal Monitor that checks all services and restarts them if they are down.

- SPRI - changes the priority of different processes in accordance to level of importance, hence increasing server performance.

- Secure and Optimize Apache (HTTP) - tweaks apache to perform better, and prevent unnecessary information from being easily seen.

- MySQL optimization - increases performance of MySQL.

- host.conf hardening - prevent dns lookup poisoning & spoofing protection.

- nsswitch.conf modification - secure and optimize DNS lookups.

- sysctl.conf hardening - helps prevent TCP/IP stack from syn-flood attacks and other network abuses.

- FTP Hardening - upgrade and secure your ftp software.

- Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection - prevents a user logged into a shell from consuming all the resources on the server.

- Root Logger - logs and emails you everytime someone accesses root with the timestamp and their ip address.

- TMP Directory hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm) - helps prevents execution of malicious scripts.

- Firewall Admin - allows you to edit firewall allow & deny list and config through WHM.

- Malware & Virus scanning - ClamAV Clamscan, LMD Maldet, etc., software to scan the server for malware and viruses.

- Mod_Security - protects against common url based hack injections (installed upon specific request only).

- Mod_Evasive - defends http based attacks (installed upon specific request only).

- PHP Tightening - tweaks php to run in a safer and restricted environment (installed upon specific request only). more!

Disaster Recovery & Hack Recoverycheck

3rd Party Server Software Installation Such as:
- SSL Certificates & AutoSSL and Letsencrypt
- Softaculous, Installatron, RVSkin, MailScanner
- ZendOptimizer, Ioncube, PHP Caching software
- Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick, Litespeed, Nginx, etc.
- All PHP modules such as GD, Curl, Freetype, Mbstring, etc.
- MultiPHP, CloudFlare Proxy/CDN, and more!

4 hours per month of “anything but the code” reactive technical support.check

Maintenance & Security

The key to a well-managed and secure server is the continual update of software from security vulnerabilities and general maintenance to keep it performing optimally. A lot of this ties into the pro-active monitoring that we do to that keeps us informed of the health of your server. Other than continual monitoring of your websites and server’s services, we regularly will update your kernel upon confirmation from you and keep all your packages and software updated daily from security vulnerabilities and bugs.