best dedicated server hosting for games

Best Dedicated Server Hosting for Games

Most multiplayer games require a client-host to both host and play the game simultaneously. Although it is very simple, this configuration can lead to performance problems like slow loading times, crashes, and lost save files. A dedicated server is an alternative and effective option to common hosting platforms that provide a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience. Before going on a search for the best dedicated server hosting for games, it’s important to know what dedicated game server hosting is.

Defining Dedicated Server Hosting for Games

A dedicated gaming server hosts a game for clients. This game server allows you to connect quickly and reliably to popular online multiplayer games. Dedicated game server hosting offers more storage, memory, and processing power than other hosting options. No matter what game you play, the game server has sufficient resources to run it smoothly. For popular online games that have high traffic, dedicated game server hosting is the best choice.

Companies looking to provide a safe online environment for their users will be interested in a dedicated game server. An individual can set up a game server to create an online community. Servers can host single or multiplayer games.

Why Choose Dedicated Servers for Gaming

Each multiplayer online game requires a host and clients. The host is the game server that transmits data to all players and keeps them in synch, while the clients are the players who are not responsible for hosting the game.

The host in most online matches is the player who initiated the game or has the lowest latency. The host-player is the one who uses the console or computer to run the local game. However, the device also keeps the entire game synchronized for all clients.

Dedicated servers for multiplayer games come with certain advantages that other hosting options do not have, such as:

  • Excellent performance free from crashes and lags -Dedicated game server hosting is equipped with top-notch hardware and high-speed internet connections, ensuring smooth gameplay and no lags.
  • Reliable infrastructure – The game is always available because dedicated servers are monitored 24/7 by monitors. The backup generator ensures that the game is always available, even if the local grid is down. Also, dedicated servers do not heat up. Data centers are equipped with cooling systems that keep the infrastructure cool, no matter how busy the game is.
  • High Customization – The administrator determines the hardware needed to run the game. The admin can select the best processor and RAM amount, as well as set bandwidth speeds to ensure a great gaming experience. Administrators are also allowed to set the rules. The server owner can also edit objectives and maps, as well as change character traits and traits. It is also up to you to decide who can play the game. You can make the server public or create a private playground or an online gaming arena. Administrators can also ban players from the game for violating rules or for high ping.
  • Can Deal with High Traffic – A dedicated server can host dozens of players without affecting performance. To prevent the game from becoming crowded, the admin can set a maximum number of players.
  • No Corrupt Save Files – Servers with dedicated servers are less likely to corrupt save files than other dedicated gaming servers. Your progress is saved reliably so you can continue playing where you left off. For long multiplayer matches, a reliable save system is essential.
  • High Security – Dedicated servers can be very secure for the following reasons. First, the administrator determines who can log on to the device. That way, intruders are not able to pose as random players and gain access. Second, a game server hosts video games and nothing else. The attack surface on the game server is low because it does not have any emails or applications running in the background. Finally, dedicated game server hosting providers invest heavily in cybersecurity.

What to Look for in Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Gamers expect a lot from their servers and the support staff behind them, which is just normal. You want dedicated game server hosting that can deliver on its promises. You don’t want to experience a lag in your game or to have to compete for resources with other gamers.

How do you choose the right game server host for your needs? It can be difficult to choose the right dedicated game server hosting service because the global game server hosting market has been growing steadily for the past five years. We’ll be discussing the eight most important things to consider when searching for game server hosting solutions. This will help you find the perfect host for your game.

Low Latency

The three main factors that impact network latency between the game server hosting service and its players are physical distance, network distance, and bandwidth capacity. Your dedicated game server may have the fastest bandwidth but it doesn’t really matter if they aren’t close to you. You create more latency if the distance between your game host and the user is too great. The network distance, which is similar to physical separation, is the distance data has to travel in order to reach its final destination. An optimized network route will lower the number of data jumps, which in turn will reduce latency.

To ensure lag-free gameplay, you need to be as close to the game server host as possible. You want your game to run smoothly so make sure you have a server that can connect you from all over the world. The game server host should have multiple providers and a low latency network. They will be optimized for processing large numbers of data messages in a fast manner, providing near-real-time access to data. If you choose a good-quality game server hosting service provider, you don’t need to worry that your server host will have an overloading network interface.

Customer Support

While a game server hosting platform should have an immediate response time, it’s only as good as their customer service. It is important to choose a host you feel comfortable with when looking for a dedicated server hosting service. Unhappy interactions with representatives will not only prevent you from enjoying the game but can also cause you to lose your whole day.

RackMAX recognizes the importance of providing fast, efficient and high-quality customer service in order to provide network or gaming solutions. It has a 24/7 customer service team that responds to all tickets immediately. Moreover, it is available in many locations and has support representatives who can help you when you need it.

Powerful Hardware

You won’t usually have any control over the hardware used when you choose game server hosting services. It’s important to research in advance to find a service that runs its game servers on powerful hardware.

To run your game servers, your game server hosting service provider must have powerful hardware. This reduces I/O time and speeds uploading, so you won’t be frustrated by lagging games. For optimal performance and interoperability, look for a game hosting provider that uses Enterprise, NVMe Drives, and DDR4 CPUs.

No Overselling

Overselling occurs when a company hosting a dedicated gaming server overwhelms the system with customers, making everyone fight for the dedicated game server resources. Because they believe their users will not use all the allocated resources, game hosting companies might opt to oversell. When users exceed their resources, it becomes a problem. Servers that have too many users can become slow and lag. This creates a bad gaming experience.

However, outsourcing server hosting is a good idea. You want to make sure they don’t oversell their servers. Choose game server hosting companies with nodes that are not being oversold. Each node should always be monitored round the clock to ensure adequate resources and support as required.

User-Friendly Control Panels

Hosting users love control panels. A control panel allows users to manage their shared accounts, dedicated servers, and VPS without needing to be experts in the subject. It’s important to find server hosting that provides a user-friendly gaming control panel and a lot of support. You don’t want time spent configuring your server. You want to enjoy your game.

For example, a host for a Minecraft server should have an intuitive, feature-rich control panel. This control panel can be customized to suit each dedicated server, making it easy to manage your dedicated server efficiently and effectively without any hassle. It also eliminates the need to create complex configurations. Each dedicated server can be managed from one control panel, allowing for maximum flexibility and scalability as well as unique built-in scripting functionality, database provisioning, backups, and other features.

DDoS Protection

It’s important to ensure that your dedicated server is available at all times. There is a real possibility that your gaming computer could be hacked. DDoS, also known as Distributed Denial of Service attack, refers to a botnet, which is a network of infected computers that attempts to overwhelm your dedicated server by making fraudulent requests. Botnets that make too many false requests can prevent real users from accessing the server to make their requests.

DDoS attacks can be more common than you might think. A third of the surveyed companies have experienced a DDoS attack within the past year. Cyberattacks are on the rise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen increased remote work and dedicated server usage. It is a smart idea to search for a game server hosting provider that provides DDoS protection—that is, it can help protect your server from a DDoS attack. To keep botnets away from your server, choose a game server hosting platform offering DDoS protection at no cost.

Dedicated IPs and Free Sub-Domains

You will typically connect to your game servers using a dedicated IP address or sub-domain. A dedicated IP is an IP address that you only use for your game servers. It’s not shared with any other game server users. A dedicated IP is preferred by many users because they don’t have to enter a port number to join. Others use a subdomain to connect to their server IP to play their game. Users who need to access their games quickly may find it annoying to have their IPs written down. It’s worth looking for game hosting servers that offer dedicated IPs and sub-domains free of charge.


You spend hours, days, or even years creating a game. It is important to protect that time. You could lose everything in a flash due to misconfigurations, corruption of worlds, or accidental deletion of files. You can keep your progress safe by having regular, consistent backups, both internal and external. Backups are available to ensure that you can get back to your game as quickly as possible in the unlikely event of a data loss.

You should make sure that your game servers offer consistent and regular backups. You should have both an internal and an external backup. The internal backups can be as quick as 7 days and last for up to one year. External backups can also be kept for up to a full year, even if you terminate your hosting. This will give you peace of mind that you can always go back to where you were.

Choose a Reliable Game Server Host

You want to be able to rely on a company that offers support and speedy service when you are looking for a host to your game servers. RackMAX is the solution. It provides 24/7 customer support, high-speed internet connections, multiple locations, low latency, and DDoS protection to protect your server. RackMAX strives to make server hosting easy, affordable, and cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more about our role as the best game server host in the world.